About Us

Our “Story” starts nearly 120 years ago… as a shop providing soft furnishings to the general public back in 1903!  Times have moved on, many things have changed, much water has passed under the bridge, BUT, something has not changed: A passion for listening to the customer, listening to the market and bringing a quality offering to meet consumer demand.

Over a century later, having survived at least 8 Global recessions, 2 World Wars and the ups and downs of life, the 5th Generation (same family) company continues with the same passion to listen.

So in 2020 the brand REPELLAMASK was born!

When were introduced to them by an existing customer we were inspired by the story of OKE Group (  The COVID-19 Global Crisis had led the company in the search for face protection for 2100 employees.  When a global search for a reliable consistent supply failed they turned to their own manufacturing capabilities – the OKE MASK was produced and very soon the public demanded the product for its own use.


In their own words

“Out of an emergency we were quickly able to create a simple, hygienically functional, cost-effective mask. We realized that this ingeniously developed mask could quickly help others in the same predicament as we were in.”

Steven Lukas | Chief Operating Officer | OKE

For us here in the UK, we were hearing the same story. We need the product, we need it now, it needs to be of excellent quality and not cost the earth.

We are committed to consistently bringing to the market products that are, of excellent quality, good value for money and are not reliant on middle eastern countries for supply.

You will find all REPELLAMASK staff wearing the product (and their families) at all times of night and day to help protect those around them and keep each other safe.



Be a hero. Wear a Mask.