Why Repellamask?

We are committed to consistently bringing to the market protection products whether this is a face mask or visor. These products are of excellent quality, good value for money and are not reliant on middle eastern countries for supply.

Repellamask have a passion for listening to the customer, listening to the market and bringing a quality offering to meet consumer demand.

Face Masks

OKE Face-Mask Pack

The single-use mask with drop-repellent replaceable fleece which works out at less than 40p per mask.

Face Visors

TW320 Face Visor

Lightweight design Face Visor Designed to protect the wearer from Droplets &/or Splashes of liquid at only £4.50 per visor.

TW320 Face Visor Somerset - Repellamask

Be a hero. Wear a Mask.